Cooperative and mutual termination of marriage by agreement between the spouses.
Negotiate property division and child custody/support issues in advance of filing.
Marriage ended within 30 to 90 days of filing.




Termination of marriage with uncooperative or absent spouse.
Must show grounds for divorce to obtain relief.
Property division and child custody support issues negotiated or resolved by Court order.
Non-contested cases may be resolved quickly, but divorces may be protracted if contested.
Marriages do not always work out the way that we hope when we enter into them.  The law provides two ways for you to end a
marriage that has become intolerable.  We can help you choose the right procedure for you and help you negotiate with your
spouse to resolve the issues that you cannot agree on.  What is to be done with your house, your car or your retirement accounts
and how can you make your dissolution or divorce work for your children are questions that we can help you answer.
We will review your situation with you and provide you with the advice you need to bring your marriage to an ending that you can be satisfied with.

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